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Lin Yaoji Teaching Method Intermediate Teacher Training

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publish:2021-05-21 17:59:47  

The first Intermediate Teacher Training of Lin Yaoji Teaching Method

   From July 26, 2020 to September 20, 2020, the Lin Yaoji Teaching Method Promotion Platform held the first Lin Yaoji Teaching Method Intermediate Teacher Training.

At 8 pm on July 26th, Beijing time, the rising star special concert and the opening ceremony of the first Lin Yaoji's teaching method intermediate teacher training concert was held! The international performance brought an unforgettable musical feast to everyone. The first phase of teacher training was held from July 27 to August 1, the companion practice teaching phase was held from August 2 to August 30, and the second phase of teacher training was held from August 31 to September 5. The course, September 6 to September 20 is the summary and commendation stage.

On July 27th, the theme of the first Intermediate Teacher Training of Lin Yaoji's Teaching Method kicked off with Professor Bing's topic "In-depth discussion on the importance of pronunciation for basic teaching"!

Teacher Yu went from the basic requirements of pronunciation, standard concepts; to on-site teaching, practical examples; and then to answering questions in many aspects, all in one go. The large-volume course content fully meets everyone's needs for knowledge points. High disciples are on the same stage, and on-site teaching also gives practical examples of all theories. The contents of the demonstration teaching ranged from Kleitzer's seventh lesson to Chrysler's "Prelude and Allegro", closely centering on the various forms of pronunciation, and gave a comprehensive explanation from standard formulation to specific implementation.

On July 28th, Teacher Zheng Kailin brought us a wonderful course with planning, standards and demonstration under the theme of "Re-understanding of Basic Skills-How to Help Students Build the Concept of Uniformity, Accuracy, and Beauty"! The basic skills are uniform, accurate and beautiful is the direction that most violin learners are working hard. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and the nine-story platform rises from the soil. Teacher Zheng started from the embryonic stage of violin learning and brought us a "re-understanding" of the basic skills! What is admirable is that the basic skills training that most people seem to be boring has become lively and lively under the interpretation of Teacher Zheng. One by one, there are examples with good sense of picture and experience, so that everyone can quickly capture the right direction. If this kind of lecture method is applied to more classrooms, I believe that happy and efficient piano learning will no longer be an extravagant hope!

On July 29th, Professor Tan Liwei opened the second lecture of the "Pronunciation" series of intermediate teacher training with a detailed and logical analysis.

Teacher Tan first shared what guided her education work for so many years. Three keywords have become the focus of everyone's attention, "inspiration", "creation" and "sharing". Inspiration is the reason, motivation, idea and environment of education; creation is the method and process of teaching; sharing is the essence of teaching. This is a very malleable expression that resonates widely. The whole class is divided into three parts, one is to clarify why you should practice pronunciation. Teacher Tan said that sound is like the soil of music. Only with fertile and nutrient-rich soil can blossom and fruit be possible. The second is the analysis of the specific problems of pronunciation, and the explanations full of dialectical thinking let the students know what they are on the basis of studying knowledge, and even more so! The third part is Teacher Tan's thinking about the current situation of beginners, including answers to a wide range of questions, suggestions for the piano study plan, these are necessary thinking learning for educators and learners.

On July 30th, Professor Yang Gefang gave us a lecture on "Intonation Understanding, Intonation Training, and Outcomes of Intonation", and brought us a logically meticulous, full-content, and far-reaching lecture!

In the course, Mr. Yang first described Lin Yaoji's teaching method very accurately, "Once you understand it, you have the foundation of analogy; once you accept it, you will have the ability of dialectical thinking!" Then he entered the lecture on the subject of pitch. The course is divided into three major sections, namely understanding of intonation, training, and results. It includes the analysis of various phenomena, the description and demonstration of specific examples, and the suggestions of methods and methods. This lecture can be regarded as a compulsory course leading to high-standard intonation. I believe that in a long period of time in the future, this kind of intonation system will give us a steady stream of inspiration and guidance!

On July 31st, Professor Mo Yi gave a lively, meticulous, thought-provoking, and thought-provoking lecture with the theme of "Accompanying and Guiding-From the ignorant piano boy to the free and happy musician".

Teacher Mo Yi emphasized that on the road of music learning, students should be inspired to feel more spontaneously. “People will change actively because they yearn for beautiful things. Don’t force them, but guide students’ initiative.” Around this As for the main idea, Ms. Mo Yi gave teaching demonstrations on specific issues such as tempo, intonation, string kneading, and double tone. The entire teaching process covers the teaching methods and specific guidance strategies for students of different levels. What is even more surprising is that Ms. Mo Yi showed you many specific practice steps and enlightening teaching methods. This is a course with endless surprises, and it is also a course for everyone to come home with great rewards.

On August 1st, Teacher Lin Wei brought us the closing lecture of the first phase of the Intermediate Teacher Training with the theme of "The Importance and Application of Attack and Pre-Preparation".

First, Mr. Lin explained the two important concepts of "Initiation". The first is the mental attack, including the preparation of the beat, the intonation, the anticipation of the timbre, and the preparation of emotions; the second is the importance of the advance preparation of the pronunciation contact points, which can be fast, slow, short, and long. Next, Mr. Lin explained the practical application and standards of the starting and pre-preparation from multiple angles in combination with many notation examples. Later, Mr. Lin also sorted out and summarized the many knowledge points of the first phase of the intermediate teacher training course, which undoubtedly provided an important guarantee for everyone to clearly understand the content of the first phase. This is a course that focuses on practical examples; it is also a course for thorough analysis of pre-preparation; it is also a course that clearly summarizes the content of the first period.

From August 3rd to August 30th, Lin Yaoji's teaching method promotion platform provided students with practical assistance for nearly a month. The students continued to practice after the course, and the problems encountered in practice were promptly provided by the instructor. Make corrections and continuously improve practical teaching skills.

On August 30th, Professor Chen Xi gave you a delicate, vivid and well-organized course with the theme of "Three points of the same voice communicate, and the points are connected to show their magical powers."

After first clarifying the three points of the "three points of the same voice", Mr. Chen explained his understanding of good voices, the essentials of good voice training, and the development of the concept of good voices. We are very fortunate to understand and learn the various practice methods and technical essentials of "Voice Communication" from the perspective of a performer. Teacher Chen created a very full study space for everyone in the classroom, with both micro-analysis and macro-control. The training strategy is as small as a finger, and as large as the concept of good voice. This is a wonderful course, this is a rare experience, this is a far-reaching preaching!

On September 1, Professor Gao Shen gave us an active and energetic course with the title of "The three relationships I personally understand and the relationship between Professor Lin Yaoji's dialectical and flexible teaching."

First of all, Teacher Gao Shen sorted out the three major relationships in Lin Yaoji's teaching method. They are "the relationship between movement and static", "the relationship between exertion and relaxation", and "the relationship between time and space". As everyone knows, Lin Yaoji's teaching method is based on the Russian violin teaching method, using ancient Chinese philosophy, standing at the height of human history, natural world and social life, and compiled a set of unique teaching methods full of dialectics. In this lecture of Teacher Gao Shen, we can understand this more deeply. Many things our thought structure will affect our implementation methods, and the implementation methods will directly affect our final results. Teacher Gao Can build a solid ideological structure and spiritual guidance for us in the course. At the same time, he also combined practical problems to concretely show the process from thinking to practice. This is an unforgettable lesson that can accompany us for a long time!

On September 2nd, Professor Yang Tianwa gave us the long-awaited lecture with the theme of "Premonition of the Importance of Playing-How to Practice Preparing the Left Hand in Advance"! This is also the first public lecture given by Professor Yang Tianwa in China. I believe this will be a long-lasting experience for many listeners!

The training of left-hand skills plays a very important role in violin learning and playing, and it is also an obstacle that plagues many students to move forward. Today, Mr. Yang Tianwa made a three-dimensional answer to various common problems and puzzles of the left hand combined with multiple examples. At the same time, I also shared a lot of personal experience in piano practice, which gave us the opportunity to feel the way players think when they practice piano. If you want to have an "excellent" left hand, then listen to teacher Yang Tianwa's advice!

On September 3rd, Professor Liu Xiao gave you a lesson with the theme of "The whole body is loose, making a point-Discussion on the violin playing posture".

In the opinion of many people, the correctness of the playing posture is judged more by vision. Today, Mr. Liu Xiao told everyone a truth very delicately. The true correct posture must not only be identified by vision, but more importantly, it must be determined from one's own feelings. There is also an objective misunderstanding that the performance posture is for visual enjoyment and looks good, but after listening to today’s lecture, I believe everyone will understand that the performance posture as large as the overall frame and as small as a joint is for better performance. Effect service, because music is aural art!

On September 4th, Professor Tang Weijian gave everyone a knowledge-rich and diverse course with the theme of "changing words, constantly thinking about lines-hands with practical use".

The core part of piano learning is to practice piano, and the key to piano practice is to use your brain. Teacher Tang Weijian interprets the relationship between the brain and hands by combining explanation and demonstration teaching in class. Most of the time we find it difficult, because our mind is not clear. When our mind knows clearly what to do, everything becomes simple and efficient! There are thousands of ways to practice piano, and I believe that teacher Tang Weijian’s explanation will surely let us take an efficient, easy and fast path.

On September 5th, Teacher Lin Wei gave us the last lecture of this teacher training with the theme of "Change and Stability, Personality and Commonness-Quietness in Movement"!

Lin Yaoji's teaching method is full of philosophical thinking, and it is also full of simple life wisdom. The glorious thought is to guide us not to deviate from the course, and the simple principle is to teach us to take the road under our feet. In the classroom, Teacher Lin Wei started with "four external contradictions and six internal relations" as the main body, and opened a comprehensive explanation for us from the concept of infiltration to the practical rules. While learning the new curriculum, Mr. Lin Wei also made a clear combing of the entire intermediate teacher training curriculum, and gave a large number of implementation plans for after-school practice. After more than 40 days of progress, all the courses of the first Lin Yaoji Teaching Method Intermediate Teacher Training have come to an end. We improve in the study, learn the new in the summary, and integrate in the practice. The journey of happiness is still on the way!

On the evening of September 6th, Beijing time, the first Lin Yaoji Teaching Method Intermediate Teacher Training ended slowly in the grand closing concert. From September 7th to September 20th, the platform conducted a training session for the students and teachers who performed well in the teacher training. Recognition and issuance of certificates.

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