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Lin Yaoji Teaching Method Elementary Teacher Training

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publish:2021-05-21 18:03:03  

The first teacher training of Lin Yaoji's teaching method

From May 19, 2020 to May 26, 2020, the Lin Yaoji Teaching Method Promotion Platform held the first Lin Yaoji Teaching Method Junior Teacher Training.

On May 26, the first Lin Yaoji teaching method elementary teacher training ended perfectly. Lin Yaoji’s love daughter, Ms. Lin Wei, delivered the closing speech: I sincerely thank you for your support to the promotion of Lin Yaoji teaching method. Your support is the source of our confidence. Your eagerness to learn is China. Lucky for violin! In the six-day course, not only the students, but the lecturers also enjoyed it. They were touched time after time and reaped the joy again and again! The atmosphere of "teaching and learning" that we wished for has become a reality in this event!

On May 19th, Professor Tong Weidong opened the curtain of the primary teacher training of Lin Yaoji's teaching method with the theme of "What is pre-listening, pre-singing, pre-measurement"! This is a preaching that is full of expectations before the class and still unfinished after the class. The course includes the sharing of Professor Lin Yaoji’s daily teaching, pre-multi-level explanations, extended knowledge analysis, from psychological concepts, implementation standards to planning suggestions, and a multi-dimensional perspective, clear logic, and active thinking centered on the topic. , A thought-provoking grand blueprint! Teacher Tong emphasizes that you should listen and sing beforehand. The first step is to cultivate students' proper experience of sensitivity. If there is no sensitivity, you can't do it in advance, and if you are too sensitive, you can't do it in advance.

Teacher Tong’s presentation under one headline built a clear learning idea for everyone, provided authoritative academic support for teachers, and provided valuable experience for comprehensively improving violin teaching and study ability!

On May 20th, Professor Hu Kun gave a wonderful lecture on what is uniform, accurate and beautiful. The legendary master tells the concept of the grandmaster, which makes people feel rare and screams at the same time! Mr. Hu Kun's recounting revolved around the lecture notes with Professor Lin Yaoji. The 80-year award is still a legend today! And this notebook is a valuable record for creating a legend. Through his notes, Mr. Hu Kun outlined the most comprehensive framework of "basic requirements for uniformity, accuracy and beauty" for us, and then gave an extremely detailed explanation of uniformity, accuracy and beauty, and realized it between the overall structure and detailed analysis. A perfect balance. This class is full of emotion and warmth in the atmosphere of memories. In fact, this is not only an academic lecture, but also brings us inner shock. While learning and improving, it also fills the heart with enjoyment and sublimation. This is a precious gift from Teacher Hu Kun!

On May 21st, Professor Xia Xiaocao, the goddess of bowstrings, brought us a lecture that was exquisite and colorful like a work of art! Even across the screen, it makes people feel very cordial, like a spring breeze! In this course, Mr. Xia explained in detail an amazing number of Lin Yaoji's mantras. For most learners, Mr. Lin's mantras are basically experienced in reading and slowly pondered during teaching. There is such an opportunity by Teacher Xia. A sentence of explanation, a little demonstration, straight teaches people immediately surrounded by happiness! Teacher Lin's formula seems to be rejuvenated from paper and ink at this moment, with a clear understanding and a fascinating experience. In the explanation of the whole class, it is as large as the target criteria, as small as the experience between the fingers, and everything is clear. The course gives us not only the absorption of knowledge, but also the example of the violin teaching spirit.

On May 22, Professor Lin Yaoji’s daughter, Lin Wei, gave us a lesson with constant surprises with the theme of "People are bad for eating, but the piano is bad for training"! Professor Lin Yaoji’s oral record was made public for the first time. “Standing outside the violin and watching the violin” was written by Lin’s vigorous and powerful handwriting. This is the beginning of writing the glorious era of Chinese violin! What is even more surprising is that in the course, we saw the example of Lin Yaoji's teaching method as the core guide, appearing in front of everyone. This is a historic development and provides the strongest guarantee for the practical application of Lin Yaoji's teaching method in universal education! In this class, we not only felt Professor Lin Yaoji’s love and infinite enthusiasm for violin education, but also excitedly discovered that the popularization and promotion of Lin Yaoji’s teaching method is no longer a distant future. We can finally say firmly that the future has come. !

The whole class is a combination of concept explanation and practical demonstration. Every concept is our common destination, and every demonstration is the most convenient bridge to the destination! It has the power to take us across the vast mountains and seas! Let us remember the words of Professor Lin Yaoji, "The knowledge I teach you is yours"!

On May 25th, Professor Nan Xie gave you an unforgettable lesson with the topic of "Those Things on the Starting Line". The attitude and way of treating the starting line may be different for everyone. Or every second counts, and you must win at the starting line. Or go into battle lightly and focus on participating. Today, Professor Xie Nan gave the most recognizable starting line concept, that is, we have no reason to ask ourselves to be outstanding in everything, but there are absolutely reasons to ask ourselves to be serious in everything! In the lecture of Professor Xie Nan, we felt the rigorous scholarly attitude and the fierce and simple love for the violin art!

In the course, Mr. Xie almost simulated a melodrama of enlightenment learning of the violin. From holding the piano, holding the bow, pronunciation to training skills of the left and right hands, this is undoubtedly a rare lesson not to be missed! In the course, Mr. Xie also prepared for everyone a video clip of Kleizel recorded 21 years ago, and shared some interesting behind-the-scenes stories that led to a wave of happy memories. Let us take in happy memories with Teacher Xie, feel the warmth of music, and have a firm attitude towards academic research. Please believe that this is the starting line for a good start!

On May 26th, teacher Lin Wei brought us the final lesson of the first Lin Yaoji's primary teacher training with the theme of "Starting from scratch every day". The embracing wood is born at the end of the mill; the nine-story platform rises from the soil. Starting from scratch every day is a kind of accumulation and also a kind of purification. Just like a penguin jumping out of the water and onto land, if you want to jump higher, you must dive deeper. This is a natural manifestation of accumulation and energy accumulation. The most shining moment is a process of accumulation. In the class, Mr. Lin also conducted a summary of all the courses of this teacher training and extension of the problems for everyone. After listening to the five lectures with bursts of knowledge, such a combing and demonstration of application perspectives will undoubtedly help everyone understand, digest and absorb the courses. The content gives a strong guarantee! Teacher Lin Wei explained a wealth of knowledge in this lecture, but she finally emphasized that love is the root of success. This is also the greatest energy Professor Lin Yaoji gives us, using music to love students. Love the violin for life! Let us feel the happiness that knowledge and love bring us together!

At the end of the first Lin Yaoji teaching method elementary teacher training, Lin Wei gave a speech, "The gathering is always short, but I believe that the common goals and ideals will make us get together again. On behalf of the Lin Yaoji Teaching Method Promotion Organizing Committee, I would like to thank you again for your arrival and support. , I announce the successful conclusion of the first Lin Yaoji pedagogy junior teacher training! The mission journey continues. Dear teachers, classmates and friends, see you next time!" 

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