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Lin Yaoji Teaching Method Mantra

Mantra of Lin Yaoji's Teaching Method:

1. General requirements:

1, two pre-two needs

Listen to inner singing in advance, measure the movements of both hands in advance,

Excessive movements should be removed, and tension factors should be removed.

2. A basic requirement:

Inner singing rate with both hands, follow along with both hands;

The basic requirements are uniformity and beauty, boldness and carefulness.

3. Playing mentality:

From east to west, north to south, connected in all directions;

Stepping on the earth, standing on top of the earth;

Love in my heart, the arrow comes from the string;

I wish you more success, spread your wings and travel in space.

Second, the left hand formula

1. Change finger formula:

The roots of the fingers are exerted to the tips of the fingers, and the joints of the fingers do not wilt;

The digits give up stamina, and the fingers are independent and firm.

2. Mantra for changing strings:

Change the strings by the elbow with the neck as the center;

The four fingers are in a line, with the elbow and the heel of the wrist.

3. Change the formula:

The lower arm drives the heel of the wrist, and the wrist and fingers should cooperate carefully;

The first finger is the most important, and if you don't press it in vain.

4. The formula for smashing strings:

Like sitting in a rocking chair, like riding a sedan chair, and like a fan shaking in hand;

You can recognize this taste, wide, narrow, fast and slow are self-adjustable.

Third, the right hand formula

1. The basic essentials of bowing:

One is to be straight, the other is to be level, and the third is to be stable.

2. Use the spirit of "weight" pronunciation:

How much is the weight of the hand on the bow and the bow on the string? One plus one equals two;

The bow is gripped tightly and the bow strings are separated. What is the weight? One minus one equals zero.

 3. The essentials of right arm coordination:

Shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger ring buckles, the overall movement is not scattered;

The upper arm and the lower arm move together, and the voice is bold and wide.

4. The essentials of playing at different bow speeds:

A fast bow is like a tailwind, a slow bow is like a headwind, and a slow bow is like a gentle breeze.

5. The essentials of changing strings with the right hand:

If you want to change the plane, you need to go well.

Smooth transition to the next string, seamless and even higher.

6. Short bow, fast bow, jumping bow formula:  

Manually pull the short bow statically, and pull the bow evenly up and down;

The lightest middle bow jumps automatically, and the bow does not leave the string to jump out of the bow.

7. How to play the accent and bow:

Loosen first and then rush, and relax after rushing; the sound has an afterglow, similar to a bell strike.

Or "move and loosen; walk and rush."

Four, hands with the formula

1. Hand coordination:

Grasp with the left hand and pull with the right hand separately;

The two hands work together, close and not separated.

2. The points are connected

The three points are connected and the sound is connected, and the points are connected to show supernatural powers;

Three-point synthesis of a bead, string the beads to make the heavenly palace.

3. Four line changes continuously:

Changing words keeps getting angry, and the mind keeps on line;

A string of beads in the left hand, and a bow to thread the string.

It’s easy to change words, time and space!

Seriously change the word, keep sticking again.

Five Scientific Practicing Mantras

1. Think hard to find the law:

I often look for the law of the violin,

Think carefully,

Scientifically guide piano practice well.

2. Slow training:

Slow is fast, do not destroy if you want to build.

3. Pay attention to basic skills:

Don't care about trivial skills, only care about being able to control.

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